Buttercup went to school today… just like she does every school day. Honestly, we are very fortunate . She absolutely LOVES going to school. It is her “thing”. She has missed only 1 day since 1st grade.

She has always been blessed with wonderful teachers. None of them were perfect.  They  weren’t even necessarily the best in their area…. but they had one very important thing in common. They love being teachers.

Her first grade teacher took a slow to start, reluctant reader  and turned her into a book a day kind of girl. Buttercup never knew she was in the lowest reading group… how awesome is that? With Mrs J’s guidance, Buttercup left 1st grade reading at a 3rd grade level. Mrs J is my hero.

Her 3rd grade teacher, Mrs B, taught her that a great vocabulary makes a great difference. Buttercup is now a sesquipedalian.

5th grade brought 2 teachers, Mrs D and Mrs H, who gave her responsibility and trusted her to make the right choices for herself.

Now that she is in high school, the relationships with teachers change. Missing is the close, personal relationship that is grown by spending all day together. What they found, however, is a way to draw out the qualities in her that she needs to grow. They concentrate on one subject and make it come alive. Her biology teacher has discovered a love of science that we weren’t aware of.  Priceless.

The problem? None of these teachers are paid enough for what they do. Yes, I am, as a rule, very conservative. I believe in small government and fee for service programs. Education is one big difference. As a nation, community, society we are responsible for educating our young. From K-12 is a great start. If we paid the teachers, principals, etc what they deserve…. we would attract superstars. I think that professional sports should be paid what public employees are paid now and use the leftover to pay the teachers. That’s all.

Rule #22- In the world of the Queen, society will pay for what it values.