The Queen HATES cleaning. I don’t mind the straightening, the organizing, the putting away. I like making things look nice, inviting, welcoming, homey. It’s the cleaning part I hate. Dusting, sweeping, mopping, scrubbing….. toilets, window blinds, kitchen floors…. ICK!

I think that we could solve this problem pretty easily. Now, remember, this is something that will only work when I am Queen of the World….. until then I am afraid it is a pipe dream.

So, our prison system is an overcrowded doodle squat of a mess. “Wait, did the Queen just totally change subjects in the middle of a  rule?” “No, of course not. The Queen does not make mistakes!”

Really, this is going somewhere.

There are lots of people in prison that are non-violent and not a threat to others. People who steal mail, write bad checks, talk back to their parents…. like that. These people could come to the home of law-abiding citizens and do all the dirty work. They could scrub our toilets, mop our floors and mow our lawns.

Just think about it. They could live in half way houses and be guarded day and night. This would also create jobs for the guards- bonus! The prisons would be less crowded and our baseboards would be clean!

So, as I see it, this is truly a win win situation.

Mind you, this would not refer to murderers and rapists. Their rule will come later when I think you are ready for my real truths.

Rule #21- The Queen and her loyal subjects shall never have to do their own dirty work again.