I got to do one of my favorite things today.  I got to fill 2 backpacks full of food.

Our church runs a program called Operation Backpack with a local school.  We fill up backpacks with food that go home with kids every weekend. These are kids withing a 5 mile radius of my house…. who don’t have food to eat in their homes. It breaks my heart.

Twice a month I get 2 backpacks (same 2 kids every time) and fill them up. After returning them to the church they are then delivered to the school and distributed.

I do the best I can to make sure that there is not one cubic centimeter of empty space in my backpacks….. I stuff them til the zippers groan. It may not change the world, but it just might change the lives of these kids.

Rule # 20- Do for one what you wish you could do for all.