Today is a beautiful day. This morning was much to nice to go to the gym so I walked outside. Other than the baby snake (I swear it watched me walk by and drooled) and the dead mouse (ick) it was perfect.

There are a lot of cars, buses, trucks etc driving through the neighborhood at that time of day so I don’t really get to listen to the morning. Instead, I use my iPod.

I really enjoy my iPod. I use to it listen to the radio. I use it to listen to classical music to calm me at the dentist or block out other people in a waiting room. I use it to rock out to worship music when I am exercising.  I use it to listen to podcasts in the car, on a walk, a lot of places and often.

I, personally, listen to a lot of NPR shows. I listen to a couple of pastors on occasion. I LOVE This American Life and A Prairie Home Companion.

The Pirate Redbeard is not a fan of Prairie Home Companion. To be a gracious Queen, one must attempt to take others into consideration, especially when the matter is so slight.

The Queen simply listens to the best part of PHC on podcast; Lake Wobegon. It is corny and goofy and I don’t know why I like it so much…. but I do!

Lake Wobegon

Here is a sample for your enjoyment.

Rule #19 Garrison Keillor will deliver a daily newscast that all subjects must listen to. (Once I am Queen of the world)

Carry On!