Today’s post should have happened yesterday…. I just couldn’t find the motivation! Even the Queen needs an occasional day of rest!

It has always amazed me just how seriously and personally some people attach to sports teams. For some people, their whole lives seem to revolve around how their favorite teams perform.

Way back when we lived in Virginia (probably around 1995) we were friends with a couple that had a boat. We had plans to spend a Sunday afternoon out on the river with them. While we were out, he kept the radio on to listen to how his favorite football team was doing. They lost. He was so mad that he didn’t talk the rest of the afternoon and we ended up going home early. I mean, seriously, it’s not as if he owned the team or his brother was quarterback or anything like that. He just took it the seriously!

When I see on Facebook that someone says their day is ruined because the Cowboys won or lost or that one college beating another makes the weekend worth celebrating, I just don’t get it. They get so wrapped up in something so unimportant.

I’m not saying sports have no place. We watch football… high school, college and NFL. What we don’t do is plan our lives around their schedules or choose our wardrobe based on their colors. We don’t cuss the opposing team or turn down social invitations. We don’t let our moods or attitudes change based on the performance of some oversized man in hotpants and a helmet.

Remember this…. only the Queen may use “the royal WE”… when you are talking about a professional sports franchise or a college team and you say “We really need to step it up” or “We took so and so out and put in this other guy”….. you sound silly.

YOU didn’t do anything but sit on the couch and yell at your tv.

Rule # 18- Remember, It is only a game!