Today’s rule is an important one…. well, they are all important, but this one is special to me.

Virtually everyone is involved in some type of social media; facebook, twitter, blogs, whatever else there is….

What bothers me about this phenomenon is lurkers. If you are going to be a part of a group, you need to participate. I don’t mean that you need to share your deepest, most personal thoughts. I don’t mean you need to post every move you make. But you must participate. If you read a blog and like it, comment on it. If you agree with what your facebook friends said about a restaurant, say so. Click “like”, forward jokes, answer questions, ask questions. Just hanging out and watching others is creepy.

Obviously, you won’t comment on every post or staus…. that would be overwhelming. But in order to get the most “social” out of social media- you have to play!

Rule #17- If you want to be a part of the game, you have to participate.

Carry on!