So, I had to go food shopping this morning to pick up a couple things to get ready for the weekend.

While I was shopping, I kept running into the same woman over and over… up and down every aisle. It was kind of funny in that “you can’t help but laugh a little” kind of way.

unfortunately, I must have smiled one too many times. She decided we were friends.

While looking at the butter selection… she starts talking to me. She decided I needed to know about all the problems in her life. Her best friend is sick, her neighbor is getting a divorce… ummm… Do I look like I care? Do I have “Talk to me” tattooed on my forehead? NO, I don’t!

I mumbled something about having a better day and escaped as quickly as possible…

Some days… other people’s CRAZY makes me want to snap!!!

Rule #15- Keep your crazy to yourself!!!!!

Carry on!