We went to a high school football game last night. Buttercup is in the marching band so that is not unusual.

We go to the home games. We go to the away games. We go to the pep rallies. Anywhere the band is playing, there we are.

Having grown up in Upstate NY- I was not prepared for the all encompassing enthusiasm that is Texas high school football.

We love it! The traditions, the excitement, the Frito Pie! The band plays, the dance team dances, the team scores, the fans go wild!

It is an amazing thing to watch. Out of about 2,000 students at Buttercup’s high school…. 240 are in band, 25 are trainers, 20 cheerleaders, 20 color guard, 50 dance team and pep squad members and 75 football players. Plus the student council and Jr ROTC kids that participate. That’s about a quarter of the school population – without counting fans!

We always pictured Texas high school football as a celebrity culture…. like in the movies. Football players parading around the school like Tom Cruise in Top Gun…. with a soundtrack and an attitude. We were so wrong!

The whole school is involved in the excitement! Everyone is a part of the games. When our school won the state championship last year (Yes, the state championship!)- the whole school celebrated. Everyone felt a part of the victory. Just think- those band kids got to march in the new Dallas Cowboys stadium!!!

We are converts! We love it! These kids- all of them- are ours. We will stick with them through the ups and downs.

Rule #10- Everyone must go watch a local high school football game. Support the future of America!