The Queen is, at heart, a very solitary person.

I spend a lot of time alone…. it makes me happy. Other than a few select people (Redbeard, Buttercup, Sister Kelly, Brother E….. for example) I’m not really a social being.

I get by. I play the part. I fill the role. I know that being with other people is important. They have and effect on me. Sometimes I have to make myself interact with others.

One of my favorite (solitary!) activities is reading.

It fills my soul. It feeds my imagination. It makes me happy. I do it everywhere I can.

About 2 years ago I found a way to combine my solitary reading with my need for occasional social interaction. It’s a book club.

We really do talk about the books! Well, eventually!  The first half hour or so is mingling and snacking on the yummy snacks. There is ALWAYS wine.

Our book discussions are light-hearted and open. No scholarly debates, no put downs, no expectations. Read the book, give your opinion, listen to others…. that’s all there is. Well, that and wine!

Rule #8: Find a group of people who like the same things you do and spend time with them talking about it. No matter how much you would rather stay home!