Today’s rule might seem silly to some…. but I don’t mind. It is something that has bothered me for years!

It was brought to mind this summer on our road trip. We drove (TBH, the Pirate Redbeard drove) about 6,000 miles in 2 weeks. We drove interstates, back roads, city streets and, on occasion, in circles. We saw big cities (Dallas, Minneapolis), medium sized cities (Des Moines, Lubbock), small cities (Bismarck, Lincoln) and small towns (DeSmet, Walnut Grove, Mitchell). It was a wonderful trip and we saw amazing things.

One thing we saw a lot of was agriculture. Corn and cotton, horses and cows, fields and fields of food growing. Here comes my problem. Other than corn and cotton…. I have no earthly idea what we saw growing. If you don’t live on a farm how are you supposed to know what on earth they are growing? It is maddening to me to see acre upon acre of something and have no idea if it a potato field or an asparagus patch.

Therefor, rule #4 is: All crops/fields/agricultural areas shall post a large, easy to read , sign that says what is growing there. It has to be something I can read from a car going 75MPH. From now on I want to know what I am looking at!

Carry on!