This past Thursday was my daughter, Buttercup’s, 14th birhtday. My darling husband, the Pirate Redbeard, took Buttercup, her best friend (BFF) and your royal highness out to celebrate last night.

I abdicated the choice of restaurants to the Birthday Girl. She shocked and amazed me by choosing a sushi restaurant.

So,I ate sushi for the first time. Well, to be perfectly honest, I didn’t actually eat  sushi. I chickened out. Raw fish? Can’t do it. Nuh uh.

My dining companions suggested the kind with no fish (I forgot what it was called, sorry!) I declined that as well. Sea Weed? Can’t do it. Nuh uh.

Luckily for me, our server was paying appropriate attention to the royal party. She suggested some choices that included no raw fish and no sea weed. She rocked!

I got to eat “fakushi”! What is fakushi, you ask? Fake sushi! That’s what we called it…. 3 of the 4 of us ended up with different versions of fakushi. I had a Las Vegas roll.

It was delicious… I could eat that all day! It inspired today’s rule.

Rule #3 is that everyone must be willing to eat new foods and try new things. You may be amazed!

Happy Saturday- Carry on!